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Full-fat yogurt

product file 602 Lightly sweetened natural set yogurt 500g
product file 4636 Lightly sweetened natural set yogurt 6x125g
product file 630 Lightly sweetened natural set yogurt 125g
product file 4652 10 fruits yogurt 4x125g
product file 4650 Strawberry yogurt 4x125g
product file 4654 Cherry yogurt 4x125g
product file 4655 Granny smith apple yogurt 4x125g
product file 652 10 fruits yogurt 125g
product file 650 Strawberry yogurt 125g
product file 654 Cherry yogurt 125g
product file 655 Granny smith apple yogurt 125g
product file 4631 Yogurt with grenadine 4x125g

Low-fat yogurt

product file 675 Low-fat set yogurt natural 500g
product file 4110 Low-fat set natural yogurt 4x125g
product file 110 Low-fat set natural yogurt 125g
product file 129 Low-fat pineapple yogurt 500g
product file 4120 Low-fat pineapple yogurt 4x125g
product file 120 Low-fat pineapple yogurt 125g
product file 125 Low-fat strawberry yogurt 500g
product file 4116 Low-fat strawberry yogurt 4x125g
product file 116 Low-fat strawberry yogurt 125g
product file 124 Low-fat pear yogurt 500g
product file 4118 Low-fat pear yogurt 4x125g
product file 118 Low-fat pear yogurt 125g
0% with stevia
product file 4130 MIK low-fat strawberry yogurt 0% with stevia 4x125g

Chocolate mousse

product file 690 MIK chocolate mousse 75g

Fresh milk

product file 100 Fresh semi-skimmed milk 1L
product file 101 Fresh full-fat milk 1L