Values, mission and core strengths

MIK waarden, missie en troeven

From a small family business to specialists in desserts, yogurt and quark. MIK has come a long way since 1902, thanks to our many years of craftsmanship. At MIK we stay true to our roots and our attention is focused on the regional market. However, staying true to our roots doesn't mean standing still, as we have proved by keeping a constant eye on trends in tastes and foodstuffs. This has allowed us to restyle our products and presentation to stay modern and up-to-date. We also have a state-of-the art production plant.

At MIK we are true to our personal relationships with both our customers and our suppliers. This means that we can guarantee high quality products, a short supply chain and long term collaborations with local farmers. Our local roots have made MIK a major regional brand. Furthermore, at MIK we make all our products using eco-friendly processes.
At MIK we also spotted a growing need in today's society and we were not slow in responding to it: using sugar substitutes in a range of products for diabetics and new packaging aimed at hospitals and schools. This allows school children and hospital patients to enjoy our delicious MIK products as well. Modifying our packaging makes our distribution system more efficient.

MIK from here. MIK for us. The best from our region. Made with locally produced milk.