The production process: hygiene and quality

Hygiene and quality are our top priorities in the production process. All our raw materials and end-products are subject to rigorous testing in our own lab. We also take great care to save energy. This is why, for example, our production department has an IFS certificate.


Every day we take delivery of fresh milk that undergoes strict controls carried out in the laboratory by our specialists as soon as it arrives. Once it has been approved the fresh milk is automatically dispatched to the department where quark and yogurt is made. It is then transported to the filling area by means of an ingenious network of pipes and tanks. We keep a careful eye on hygiene throughout the entire process, among other things, by injecting fruit and yogurt into sterile beakers and by using an overpressure –based laminar flow system in the filling machines. Our unique set yogurt is then ripened in the pot in an incubation unit.

When the production process is completed our products are given a batch number and a best before date. Finally, our yogurts and quarks are placed in our refrigerated store rooms, ready for dispatch.

Download the process flow for stirred yogurt

Download the process flow for set yogurt